Ørbæk & Eve make high quality chocolate – from bean to bar. We import raw organic cocoa beans from Peru and process them together with organic ingredients from Denmark to make the best chocolate. Bean-to-bar means that we follow the beans every step of the way. We roast it, we crack it, we grind it, we conch it and lastly we temper the chocolate and fill it in to moulds.

Nordic Noir 85%
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Nordic Noir 65%
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Nord Lys 45% – Dark Milk
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Anders Ørbæk and Stuart Eve met in 2014 when picking up their sons from nature børnehaven in Aarhus. As our sons became friends, so did we all, and in July 2016, we all went camping on the magical nearby island of Samsø. We were inspired by the unbelievable sweetness of Samsø’s strawberries, we drank rum, ate chocolate and dreamed big of new adventures. Stu had been playing around with making chocolate for a few months, but that July evening, we decided that we wanted to go further than this – to make delicious organic chocolate that highlights Denmark’s amazing seasonal ingredients.