Our first confection. A reflection on the winter in Aarhus – bitter, sweet and salty all coming together perfectly into a smooth, beautiful mouthful. Hyggeligt!

We use two different types of Ø&E chocolate in these moulded chocolates. We use the fruity, coffee notes of the Ecuadorian Criollo beans (used in Nordic Noir 70%) for the covering and the coconutty Forastero beans from Cote d’Ivoire for the nougat. They play together perfectly with the lightly salted caramel – with salt from Mariager in North Jutland – and the sweet luxury of the dark nougat. The finishing touch is a roasted hazelnut – bringing a welcome crunch and a toasty taste of  Winter.

Presented in a unique and gorgeous pyramid box, the Aarhus Kiss 5 piece collection is a perfect gift and can be ordered right now.