Ørbæk & Eve make high quality fair-trade, organic chocolate – from bean to bar. We import raw organic cocoa beans from Peru and process them together with organic ingredients from Denmark to make the best chocolate possible. Bean-to-bar means that we follow the beans every step of the way. We roast them, we crack them, we grind them, we conch them and lastly we temper the chocolate and fill the moulds. Our regular products comprise the Nordic Noir dark bars (65% and 85%), Nordlys (milk) and Heimdal (white) chocolate which can all be bought directly from our webshop.
In 2018 we will start making seasonal chocolate. The same good chocolate as always but mixed with Danish natural ingredients harvested depending on the season. Hazelnuts, strawberry, sea buckthorn and apples just to mention a few. These special bars will be sold through an exclusive subscription allowing you to buy “one year of chocolate”, and follow the tastes of the Danish seasons. All our products are produced in our professional kitchen as part of Birks Køkken in Sydhavnen, Aarhus, Denmark.