Anders Ørbæk and Stuart Eve met in 2014 when picking up their sons from nature børnehaven in Aarhus. Stu, an archaeologist from the UK, moved to Denmark when his wife, Anna Collar, got a job in Classical Archaeology at Aarhus University; Anders, a jazz musician, moved to Aarhus in 2004 where he lives with his girlfriend, singer-songwriter Mia Schøler.
As our sons became friends, so did we all, and in July 2016, we all went camping on the magical nearby island of Samsø. We were inspired by the unbelievable sweetness of Samsø’s strawberries, and, wrapped in blankets under the stars, we drank rum, ate chocolate and dreamed big of new adventures. Stu had been playing around with making chocolate for a few months, but that July evening, we decided to make delicious organic chocolate that highlights Denmark’s amazing seasonal ingredients.
Ørbæk & Eve are fully committed to an organic, seasonal and local ethos – so you’ll only be able to buy Samsø strawberry milk chocolate when the strawberries are ripe! We aim to make chocolate to tie in with the rhythms of nature, chocolate that reminds us of the importance of marking and celebrating the seasons – Midwinter, Midsummer, the equinoxes (jævndøgn), and so on…
We’ll be hand making it in small batches – alongside our four plain bars – the Nordic Noir (65%, 85%) the Dark Milk 40% and our white Heimdal – we will be having fun trying out additional ingredients according to the season and what looks good in the markets.
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